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Follow this Tutorial/Settings to Create a project similar shown in a video.

Find more tutorials like this at http://bit.ly/tutxp

Software and Plugins used:
Cinema 4D Studio R17 and X-Particles 3.5

MGD Production Around The Web:

Thanks much!

Text Spline

Sphere / Align to spline Tag / Spline Path ( Text Spline )
-Basic / Visible in Render (off)
Radius = 15
Type (Icosahedron)

Matrix nest into Sphere
Mode (Object)
Distribution (Vertex)

Random Effector / Apply to Matrix
Transform Position (15,15,0)
Random Mode (Noise)
Space (UV)
Animation Speed = 50
Scale = 5

Trace Link (Matrix)
Type (B-Spline)
Intermediate Points (Natural)
Number = 32

Light with shadow

Hair Material / Apply on Tracer
-Color / Load Preset (Flame 2)
Root = 1 cm
Tip = 1 cm
Variation = 0.5 cm
-Backlit Color (Gradient)
– Illumination / Roughness = 55


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