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Follow this Tutorial/Settings to Create a project similar shown in a video.

Find more tutorials like this at http://bit.ly/tutxp

Software and Plugins used:
Cinema 4D Studio R17 and X-Particles 3.5

MGD Production Around The Web:

Thanks much!

Material (Emission)
Texture (Gradient) / Type (2D – U) / Black to White to Black ( None Interpolation) / Animate

Geometry / Apply Material (Emission)
-Texture Tag
Projection (Flat) / Fit Texture to Object
– xpColider Tag
-Tag / Bounce on Collision/ Normals (Inside)

Emitter Shape (Object)
Object (Geometry)
Emit From (Texture)
Texture Use / Texture Tag (Texture Tag from Geometry)
Color channel (None)
Full Lifespan (uncheck)
Lifespan = 35f / Variation =20f
Birthrate = 400

Operation (Inside Volume)
Object (Geometry)

xpTrail / Assign xpEmitter
Full Scene Trail (uncheck)

Hair Material / Apply on xpTrail
Physical Sky


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